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kapton Flexible Heaters
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Moisture and condensation from temperature fluctuations can affect the best-designed electronics, which is why more and more companies are applying flexible heaters to stabilize and control temperature.
Similar to flexible circuits, Fullchance Circuits’ flexible heaters have a lightweight, durable construction. They can conform to different shapes and sizes, and use materials resistant to many fluids, chemicals and moisture. They can include pressure sensitive adhesives and/or heat spreaders, as the application demands.
Fullchance flexible heaters have been applied across a wide range of industries, and we specialize in quality solutions for medical, aerospace, transportation and communications. Among other successful projects, our heaters have been used in the aviation industry to maintain battery temperature in aircrafts as well as control the temperature of medical devices in operating rooms, where there is no room for error.
For more details and specifications about Fullchance flexible heaters, click the links to the right or contact us.
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