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Application description
Flexible heater, which is laminated between insulating layers such as polyimide, nomex, polyester, is a kind of thin, flexible etched foil heating element
1. Instruments temperature control: Gyro-accelerating detector, tail-wing operating device, aero-FCotograFCic apparatus
2. Electric appliance: Electric cooker, refrigerator defrosting, accumulator, electric blanket, greenhouse, wardrobe, coffee pot, crystal-electric cooker, bathroom-mirror defogging, invariable temperature tank, electronic-thermos, compressor, heater, thermos boxer plate, computer humidity-proofing, textiles and cloth dyer, foot warmer, water bed heater
3. Medical instruments: Disinfection, keeping blood, injections and drips
4. Test and research: Crystal ovens, mechanically-heated structures, IC testers and flasks
5. Agriculture and animal husbandry: Seedling breeder, raising chicken and pigs, breeding fish, incubators, electric blankets for stock and poultry
6. Transportation: Car mirror and signal defogging, water tank heating
7. Others: Electronic copier, food fermentation, food warming box, circuit heating, water bed heating system and more.
More Information of polyester

Polyester allows heated elements to have superior heat transfer and exceptionally uniform heat output, which results in a faster warm-up cycle and longer life. Also known as Mylar heater, this can be used to cover large areas with even heat on flat or gently curved surfaces. Polyester can be used with an etched foil or with one of our popular printed polymers.

Etched foil polyester heaters can be designed and fabricated in many types of configurations to fit the size and shape required in your application.

One of our printed polymers is a constant wattage circuit based on low resistance printed silver as the current distributor. The heat is generated by a number of parallel-connected polymer resistors and is therefore very robust and insensitive to small damages. The resistance is virtually constant up 100°C. The constant wattage polymer heaters or mylar heaters are mostly used in low power applications at moderate to high voltage, and can be less costly than metal foil to get the same low power required. The resistance in the polymer can be adjusted in the range from 50 ohm/sq to 50 000 ohm/sq and is therefore suitable for many different applications.

The other printed polymer functions as a PTC circuit also based on low resistance printed silver as a current distributor. The heat is generated by a number of parallel connected polymer resistors with PTC characteristics (Positive Temperature Coefficient). In most cases the polymer resistor is covering the polyester heater completely and hence gives a very even temperature distribution. The PTC effect makes the heater self-limiting and hence hot and cold spots are avoided as the power is generated were you need it.

The printed polymer heaters are also more corrosion resistance than metal heaters.

Etched foil Heater benefits

- Low wattage
- Distributed wattage
- Edge loss compensation
- Very small sizes of heaters can be precisely 
- Economical mass production
- Accurate reproduction of complex circuits

Typical applications of the mylar heater
- Bathroom mirror heater
- De-icing equipment
- Rear view mirror
- Hand grip heater
- Cabinet heater


Constant Wattage Printed Polymer Heater benefits

- Possible to use on many different substrates
- Robust design insensitive to small damages
- Corrosion resistant
- Large span of resistivity

Typical applications
- Floor heating
- IR targets
- Waterbed heaters
- High Voltage, small area applications



PTC Printed Polymer Heater benefits

- Self regulation
- Robust design insensitive to small damages
- Corrosion resistant
- Cost effective at low power and high voltage

Typical applications
- Rear view mirrors
- Floor heating
- Waterbed heaters 
- Low temperature applications, de-icing
Customize 3.7v 5v 7.4v 9v 12v 24v 36v 48v 60v  110v 115v 120v 220v 230v 240v 380v 400v transparent PET heater with CE RoHS certification,and we usually say it is PET heater. 

PET heater is a transparent,lighter and flexibler heater.The heating element is etching foil.
So this heating fast and thermal conversion efficiency high.So PET heaters are widely used
 on industry,agriculture,medical and household electrical.
NOTE: we can custom according to your voltage, size, power and so on.
Some features are follow.
PET Film Heater
The surface heating equally with high thermal efficiency and save energy.Long servece-life.
PET Film Heater Features
1.The surface heating equally with high thermal efficiency and save energy.
2.Long servece-life,compare with traditional heating wire,it's 10 times servece-life.
3.It's on the safe side without brighting fire.
4.With good flexible performance,suitable for the flexible working condition 
5.It can stand the strong causticity
6.high percision of circuit system
7.It has small inertia of heating and  control the temperature exactly within ±2%. 
8.It's simple to install and connect.

PET electric heating film 

 The PET electric heating film is a low-temperature metal electric heating film which takes a PET polyester film as an insulating layer; and the PET polyester film has excellent insulating strength, can be bent (for example, the film can be wound outside a drum-shaped object to be heated), and has excellent dielectric strength and rather high thermal conversion efficiency which is usually 95 percent or so.


Technical Parameters
Insulating MaterialPET Polyester Film
Common Thickness0.1~0.6mm
Maximum Service Temperature100°C (below 80°C for a long time)
Minimum Temperature-36°C
Maximum Power Density7.8W/cm2
Voltage Range1.5-220V
Main characteristics
A: The PET electric heating film is a flexible heating element and can be bent.
B: It is energy-saving and power-saving. The temperature that a general heating material reaches at 10W can be reached by the metal electric heating film at 7-8W, and the energy is saved by about 30 percent.
C: The metal electric heating element has long service life which is more than 5 times that of the traditional electric heating wire heating element.
D: The product has no open fire and is safe and reliable. A low-voltage electric heating appliance produced by using the pet electric heating film can be used next to the skin, is safe and reliable, and cannot cause electric shock hazard.
 Main application
A: Medical care and beauty industries of electric heating waistbands, electric heating knee pads, electric heating insoles, electric heating gloves, electric heating mouse pads, electric heating clothes, pet clothes, baby bottle warmers and so on
B: The defrosting of automotive rearview mirrors and bathroom mirrors
C: Low-temperature heating elements such as thermal insulation bags, fish tank heaters and so on.
It can be simply and conveniently installed. The heating element can be pasted by a double faced adhesive tape and can also be fixed on a heated body by a mechanical method.

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