Explosion proof silicone rubber heater

explosion proof silicone heater
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Fullchance explosion proof silicone rubber heater is composed of heat resistant rubber, metallic heating elements, grounded metal and explosion proof power junction box. When switched on, well-distributed heating elements radiate heat via heat resistant rubber.

Features of Explosion Proof Silicone Rubber Heater

1. Light weight, easy installation: it just takes 20 minutes to install the flexible hot plate, and upgrading of the original equipment doesn't require removal of the whole insulating layer.

2. High thermal efficiency: the hot plate is pressed against the vessel firmly for excellent heat transfer.

3. Great adaptability: the silicone rubber flexible hot plate is suitable for vessel of any shape.

4. It can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications.


Fullchance explosion proof silicone rubber heater is suitable for heating, heat preservation and anti-freezing of tank, reaction column, distillation column and relevant containers in the industries of petroleum, chemicals, food, machinery, etc.

CAUTION: if it is to be installed on non-metallic vessel or the medium contained in the vessel is highly temperature sensitive, please first contact our technical department.

Technical Specifications of Explosion Proof Silicone Rubber Heater

Model Technical Parameter

Size (mm) Rated Power(w)

LDB-A 610×305 600

LDB-B 610×610 1200

LDB-C 1220×610 2400


Rated Voltage:~200V Dielectric Strength:1600V/min

Insulation Resistance:50MΩ Max. Withstand Temperature of the Vessel:120

Min. Installation Environmental Temperature:-30 Max. Withstand Temperature of the Product:230

Average Surface Power:0.31W/cm2 Explosion-proof Class: e T3

Explosion-proof Certification:GYB04651X Min. Bending Radius:0.7m



Silicone Rubber


1. Because the heater contains heating wires inside, please don't bend it at a 90 degree angle.

2. Protect the heater from being scratched.


Our heaters are packed in cartons.


We at Fullchance offer a one-year warranty on our explosion proof silicone rubber heaters, during which substandard products are replaced free of charge.

Fullchance is a China-based explosion proof silicone rubber heater manufacturer and supplier. We provide a variety of products including silicone rubber heater, heating cable, Kapton flexible electric heater, heating tape, among others.


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