Drum Silicone Rubber Heater

Oil drum heater
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Liquid and coagulum in the drum, such as adhesive, grease, bituminous pitch, paint, paraffin, oil and all kinds of resin materials, can be easily removed by way of heating. This is because the viscosity of the liquid and coagulum is greatly reduced when they are heated by drum Silicone Rubber Heater.

Features of Drum Silicone Rubber Heater

1. Fullchance drum Silicone Rubber Heater can be used year round, without being affected by the weather.

2. The heater is equipped with a sensor on the surface, which can directly control temperature through regulation.

Technical Specifications

1. USA type drum Silicone Rubber Heater: for 55G, 30G & 5G
Material: silicone rubber

A.      For 55G, 115v/230v, 1500w


Drum Heater, Drum Capacity 55 Gal, Drum Dia 22 1/2 In, 1500 Watts, 13 Amps AC,Voltage 115, For Use With Metal Drum, Size 4 In W, Stem Rotation 310 Deg


B.      For 55G, 115v/230v, 1000w

Drum Heater, Drum Capacity 55 Gallons, Voltage Rating 115 Volts, Power Rating 1000 Watts, Current Rating 8.7 Amps, Drum Diameter 22 1/2 Inches


C.      For 30G, 115v/230v, 750w

Drum Heater, Drum Capacity 30 Gallons, Voltage Rating 115 Volts, Power Rating 750 Watts, Current Rating 6.6 Amps, Drum Diameter 18 1/4 Inches




2. Domestic drum Silicone Rubber Heater (Chinese)


drum Silicone Rubber Heater 200 Liter

drum Silicone Rubber Heater 200 Liter

drum Silicone Rubber Heater 200 Liter






200V 2000W

200V 800W

200V 1000W

Temperature Control

30~150 EGO

30~150 EGO

30~150 EGO

Weight About

0.5kg About

0.4kg About

0.3kg About


Silicone Rubber


1. As the drum Silicone Rubber Heater contains heating wires inside, please don't bend it at a 90 degree angle.

2. Protect the heater from being scratched.


Our heaters are packed in cartons.


Fullchance drum Silicone Rubber Heaters come with a one-year warranty, during which substandard products are replaced free of charge.

As a specialized drum Silicone Rubber Heater manufacturer based in China, Fullchance offers a wide array of products including silicone rubber heater, heating cable, heating tape, Kapton flexible electric heater, and more.

Fullchance's Cylindrical Silicone Rubber Heaters
can be supplied in various configurations to suit many heating applications.
Flexible Drum Heaters can save time by heating stored viscous fluid to a pourable temperature. The heater is built to be tough, long lasting, and resistant to chemicals. Because few materials stick to its silicone rubber with fiberglass reinforced construction, it is easy to clean. The heater comes with a 6-foot cord and plug (120V only). When not in use, it rolls for convenient storage. The total wattage (number of heaters) and the material being heated inside of the drum must be considered when determining the actual temperature to which that specific material can be heated.
Design Features
  • Built Tough
  • Resistant to chemicals
  • Ratings for metal and plastic drums and pails
  • Easy to Clean
  • Stock to 2 week lead time
  • UL/cUL Recognized
  • All heaters have a standard width of 3" except 1500W 55 gallon, which are 4"
  • 120 Volt heaters have a 6-foot cord and plug
  • 240 Volt heaters have a 6-foot cord —NO PLUG
  • B200 type thermostat used
  • Maximum operating temperature of 425°F (218°C).
  • Power cord is 6-foot long, SJO Type 16/3 complete with three-prong plug for 115 VAC models. Plug not included on 230 VAC models.
  • Surface grounded electrically with internal metal screen.
  • 1250 volts dielectric tested.
  • Vulcanized silicone rubber construction resistant to moisture, ozone, fungus, and radiation.

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