Applications of silicone rubber heater

The Purpose of Silicone Rubber
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Heat preservation, fixed temperature preservation, heating and anti-damp protection.

  • Anti-damp equipment: Anti-freeze electrical equipment, anti-damp protection and heating.
  • Anti-freeze: For autos and generators in frigid zone countries.
  • Piping equipment: Provides heat supply and prevents adhesion of gas or liquid to the inside of the pipes.
  • Machinery equipment: Industrial ovens, heating equipment and machinery platforms. Heat preservation for production equipment.

Description of application by illustrations and charts:

  • Medical appliances, machinery
    Medical appliances, machinery

    Dental equipment and peripheral equipment, sterilizing and anti-bacteria equipment, heating and temperature preservation for blood transfusion apparatus, liquid injection and intravenous drip and inspection platform in hospitals.

  • Industrial and scientific machinery
    Industrial and scientific machinery

    Fixed temperature machinery, analyzing equipment, heating cup apparatus and heating supply for research institutes.

  • Electrical machinery industry
    Electrical machinery industry

    Pulling-type automatic coffee makers, heat preservation coffee plates, anti-freeze equipment for inventory freezers and anti-damp camera apparatus.

  • Industry
    Industry Industry Industry

    Preheating, heating and fixed temperature setting for pipes, containers and tanks which are widely applied by chemical engineering material industries, chemical plants and the weaving and dyeing accelerator industry. Ultrasonic machinery heating, anti-damp for motors and generators. Preheating and fixed temperature control for packaging, injection and filling equipment and kitchen appliances, FRP complex materials, acrylic, oil and wax molding equipment and for the pasting decoration industry.

  • Machinery
    Machinery Machinery

    Anti-freeze for generators, rice refinery, anti-damp for rice bran, ironing machines, high-speed printing machines, axles of steel pipes, welding of axles and for the steel industry generally.

  • Hardware

    Heating for molders, attaching materials, porcelains, auto decoration plates and parts, sports apparatus, plastic products, bed warming, transmission belts, welding materials and fixed temperature cases.

  • Food machinery
    Food machinery

    Automatic selling machines and coffee and snack restaurant machines like fixed temperature plates and coffee pots.

  • Drum Heater for 5GL, 15GL, 30G, 55GL
    Drum Heater for 5GL, 15GL, 30G, 55GL Drum Heater for 5GL, 15GL, 30G, 55GL

    Powder processing industry, fixed temperature heating apparatus for all plants with automatic packaging machines, industrial freezers, 55 GL heating belts for food defrosting machines.

  • Semiconductor industry /LCD applications
    Semiconductor industry /LCD applications Semiconductor industry /LCD applications