Silicone rubber heating plate

silicone heating platge
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Product description

Our silicone rubber heaters have advantages of thin, light and flexible and it can  close contact with the heated object completely to conduct heat to anywhere you want. Improve heat transfer in processing, accelerate warming and reduce power needs. It has  properties of water proof, heating quick and even, high thermal efficiency, toughness and meet flame retardant standardUL94-V0(USA), safety, long service life. This product is stable and reliable,dampproof and chemicalresisitance.This heater' s thiness and good heat conductivity enable its heating element very close to the heated object. Fiberglass and enhanced silicone rubber made heaters' size stable and flexible:

(1)Can be made as per equipments' actual shape & dimensions, including 3D geometry.

(2)Moistureproof & chemical defense silicone rubber extend heaters' service life.

(3)Mounting by adhesive, vulcanization, or binding, etc..


(1). Light and flexible, water proof, heating quick and even, meet flame retardant standardUL94-V0(USA);

(2). Stable quality, dampproof & chemicalresisitance;

(3). Tempertaure range: -62 - +250℃(-143.6—+482℉),  Max. power: 3.1W/c㎡;

       Voltage: 6V—400V(Or as per your requests);

(4). Safe and reliable, saving energy, long service life;

(5). Mounting by adhesive, easy to use;
(6). Can be customized as per your specific requests;


(1)For various instruments & equipments' freeze protection & anti compression;

(2)Medical facilities, such as Blood Analyzer, test tube heater, etc..

(3)Computer-aided equipments as laser printer, etc..

(4)Plastic film vulcanization.

Suface temperater VS. Heating-up time(see map):

This map explains the surface temperature of a silicone rubber heater when it is not insulated and be put vertically at 20℃still air. This data is supported as reference tool according to the standard structure of 1.5mm thickness.

  • Slow heating:0.38W/c㎡
  • General heating:0.77W/c㎡
  • Quick heating:1.55W/c㎡ 

Application of the silicone rubber heating plate :
1. The heat-transfer machine the heating plate
2. Bake some (dish) machine of heating
3. With oil heater
4. Heat sealing machine of heating
5. Medical equipment heat insulation
6. Chemical line heating
7. Large equipment heating
8. Semiconductor processing equipment
9. All kinds of mechanical instrument heat insulation
10. Medical equipment, such as blood analyzer, breathing instrument and spa
11. Military facilities, aircraft instrument and hydraulic equipment antifreeze
12. The battery heating
13. Food service equipment
14. Bonding and local factory assembly? Any need to soft shape or design applications
15. Analysis instrument
16. Aerospace
17. Antifreeze equipment
18. Transportation equipment