Pipe/Conduit Bending Heaters

Pipe/Conduit Bending Silicone Heaters
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Fullchance’s PVC Pipe/Conduit Bending Heater Assembly makes it easy to form PVC plastic pipe and conduit at the job site. To bend the PVC pipe/conduit, just wrap the heater assembly around the pipe at the location desired and plug it in. In 4 to 18 minutes, depending on pipe size, it will be soft enough to bend by hand to the desired radius or shape.

This heavy duty assembly, made from our proven wire wound silicone rubber heater technology, will provide hundreds of hours of use.

Design Features
  • Built-in thermostat limits temperature to 250°F (121°C)

  • Standard Voltage is 120 Vac

  • 6-ft. plug and cordset standard
Stock PVC Pipe Bending Heaters
Heating Tape - Ohms-per-foot Table

Pipe Heaters

Fullchance has extensive technology and product offering for heating of various pipes including valves and flanges.

  • Silicone heat tape for general purpose pipe heat tracing
  • Inside and outside pipe vulcanization for silicone rubber heaters
  • Flange and valve heating assembly 
  • Jacket heater for high temperature pipe heating and thermal insulation.

Our engineers will help you with their professional knowledge to find out the best solution for your application. It will totally tailor made for your specific requirements: removable or permanent installation, thermal control scheme, for cleanroom or for harsh climate, you name it.

To make you feel assured, we will send all product specifications and CAD designs for your approval before manufacturing.  For standard pipe fittings, we can also deliver the whole pipe and heater assembly as well. So you will save time and money for your core business by leaving all trivial details to us. 



Download Technical Data Sheet of Pipe silicone heater


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