Silicone heating dehumidifier

Silicone heating dehumidifier
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Product description

This product is made of 1.5mmthickness aluminum plate(electroplating black paint) and silicone rubber heating plate was moulded into one. It is used to heating and heat preservation of all kinds of cabinets and boxes, such as cubicle swichboard, communication cabinet, lighting box, antiflocculation box, computer and various instruments and meters, etc. It have advantages of heating and cooling quick and even, long service life and good appearance, is the best heating and dehumidifying equipment of temperature and humidity controllers. 


  • Heating quick, even, high thermal efficiency;
  • Aluminum plate auxiliary cooling, effectively dehumidification;
  • Reliable insulativity, stable quality;
  • Safe and reliable, long service life;
  • Good appearance, easy to installation;
  • Can be made as per your specific requests;

Tech. parameters

(1)Rated voltage: 220V

(2)Insulation resistance: 50MΩ

(3)Dielectrical strength: 2000V/min

(4)Insulation material(silicone rubber): -60~+250 

Products Model

Model Size Voltage Power Thickness
RDB-0915 90*150mm 220V 30/50/75/100W 2.85mm
RDB-1218 120*185mm 220V 100/150/200W 2.85mm
RDB-1928 190*280mm 220V 50/75/100/200/300W 2.85mm
RDB-0523 50*230mm 110/120/220V 80/100/120W 3mm
RDB-1023 100*230mm 220V 50/75/100W 2.85mm
RDB-2030 200*300mm 220V 200/300W 2.85mm


Note: Can be customized as per your requests. 

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