HEAT-JAKET Container thermal control scheme

silicone rubber heater for HEAT-JAKET Container thermal control scheme
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Heating schemes
System uses silicone rubber heater, and heat insulation cover for heat preservation outside. To keep uniform temperature of the cylinder, it' s divided into three sections: upper, middle and lower;

RDB type heater can be used for pipe, silicone rubber tanks, cabinet put oneself in another's position of heating and heat, box. This heater has features as following:

(1)heating fast and even, high thermal efficiency, long service life;

(2)Moisture-proof silicone rubber and alkali-free glass fiber double make the heater with more reliable insulativity;

(3)Aluminum plate assist heating and cooling, improve heater' s thermal efficiency and prolong its service life.

(4)Good appearance, easy installation;

Technical parameters

Rated voltage: 220 V                                  Dielectric strength: 2000 V/min

Insulation resistance: > 50 MΩ                Insulating materials (silicone rubber) temp. range:-60 ℃ 250 ℃

The system work principle diagram

The heating system working principle diagram shown shown as below:

HEAT-JAKET Container HEAT Heat Control System' s design calculations

The known conditions and system requirements:

NH3 Max. flow rate: 150SLM (ammonia physical properties: ρ = 0.780 g/l, below in 0℃)

Latent heat of vaporization r = 1263.2 kJ/kg,  heat cp1l= 4.8 kJ/kgK).

Heating requirement:  Ambient temperature: at -10℃, enable the cylinder's temperature heat up to 25℃, required time < 10 hours.

Heat preservation requirement: 25 ± 5℃           liquid ammonia quality: 230 (kg);

Cylinder capacity: 440(L)                                          Cylinder quality: 550(kg);

Coefficient thermal conductivity: λ-22 (W/m ℃)

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