Silicone rubber heating plate

flexible silicone heating plate
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1.silicon rubber heater
2.Material Silicon rubber
3.Fast heating,high thermal efficiency
4.Long lifetime
5.CE compliance 


1. Fast heating with a coefficient of heat conductivity of only 1W/m.k. Due to its small thermal capacity, prompt turn on/off can be achieved.

2. High thermal efficiency: The temperature of electric heating film itself is only tens of centidegrees higher than that of the liquid when heating, which is 2-3 times energy saving than ordinary electric stoves.

3. Water, acid and alkali resistance, high-strength of electric insulation.

4. High mechanical strength with 100kg/cm² mechanical pressure.

5. Small size: Small space occupied when applying this heating product.

6. Easy application: Its self-insulation and free-of-open-fire property greatly help simplify the techniques of heat preservation and thermal insulation.

7. Its wide range of temperature,-60°C~250°C, can not be simply achieved by other electrical appliances.

 8. Long service time: Under normal use, the product almost can be permanently and continuously used because nickel and chrome materials are durable to any corrosion, and the silastic has a high surface resistance up to 100kg/cm², which is uncomparable for any other electric heaters.

 9. Made in any size, the temperature of the product can be precisely adjusted by temperature controller. 

Technical parameters :

High Temperature
Continuous temperature
The maximun temperature
Wire length
Stangard 200.00mm

Silicone Rubber Heaters Technical Data:

1. Temperature range: -40.00~250.00°C

2. Electric resistance precision: ±10%( bigger value selected)

 3. Power density: 0.10~1.50w/cm²

4. Mechanical pressure: 100.00kg/cm²

5. Minimum bending radius: 3.20mm 


1.   Industrial equipment, pipelines, barrels, tanks, etc.  

2.   Outdoors telecommunication equipment

3.   Medical equipment and devices                                                                                              

4.   Outdoors electronic devices  

5.   Thermal imaging of imaging equipment

6.   Case protection under cold and moist environment    

7.   Industrial ovens and thermal processing equipment

8.   Ventilator supports  

9.   Laminating equipment

10. Vessels