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battery silicone heater
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Battery Heating

Battery capacity vs. temperatureIf you have difficulty starting your engine in winter, it is highly possible that the battery is the root cause. Cold temperature dramatically reduces the effectiveness of the chemical reactions within the battery, and increases the battery's internal resistance. Both of these factors cause a reduction in cranking power as the temperature drops. The curve in the right shows the relation between the battery capacity and temperature.

On the other hand, according to the Battery Council International, winter starting requires 140% to 170% more current than the summer. The combined conclusion is, a fully charged battery will only produce 40% cranking power at 0°F (-18°C) even if the battery is new and in good condition.


Power Battery Heater

battery heater With the booming of electric vehicles (EV) and hybrid electric vehicles (HEV), we see a fast increasing demand for heaters for the batteries, not to mention the numerous batteries installed for power backup (UPS) and startup of electric installations outdoor or in arctic areas, wind turbine farms, for example.  

Study shows that the optimal discharging temperature of lithium batteries used for EV's is 35°C - 45°C. Low working temperature will greatly reduce the discharging current and the overall energy available. It is even harmful and potentially risky to charge the battery under -10°C. In brief, it is necessary to heat up the power battery to achieve the best performance and extended lifetime.

It is possible to energize the battery heaters with external power supply or the batteries themslevs.

It is not suggested to insulate the battery box/bank as this could cause problems for cooling when the temperature goes up.


Fullchance Battery Heater/Warmer

Silicone rubber heater is by far the most popular solution for battery heating. They are light, flexible, easy to install, and reliable. With 100,000 hours lifetime, they will last longer than the automobile itself. Fullchance will be happy to develop the most suitable battery heater for your demand, with right power and right control...

To ensure a good heat conductivity and strength, the heaters can be factory vulcanized with black anodized aluminum plate. They can easily be removed when the winter time is over.

To avoid overheat and minimize energy consumption, we don't encourage to make battery heaters with the watt density over 1.35w/in2 (0.2w/cm2). 


Feature Summary

Batter heater

  • Voltage rating: 120/240Vac, 12/24/320Vdc
  • etched foil heating element
  • oil, acid and abrasion resistant silicone rubber substrate
  • black anodized aluminum backplate
  • plug set available for different countries
  • various thermal control options
  • maintenance free
  • 100,000 hours operation time

Heaters can be designed to be impervious to battery electrolytes and waterproof for outdoor applications. Battery heaters can have thermostats or sensors built in to regulate temperature. These heaters can be custom designed in odd shapes and conform to the specific battery surface. They can be held in place with various fasteners such as Velcro®, snaps, eyelets and boot hooks.

Fullchance also provides cords and plugs to provide a complete assembly ready for installation. Battery heaters can also be combined with heat sinks by bonding the heaters to various metal surfaces.

Fullchance Manufacturing is known for rapid quotations, quick turn around on prototypes and competitive pricing.