Drum Silicone Rubber Heater

Didital Oil Drum Heater
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Silicon rubber electric heating plate produced by the company is extremely thin, light and flexible. And the heater with the silicon rubber electric heating plate can transfer heat to any required place. In processing, it can improve heat transfer, accelerate temperature rising and reduce power need. Glass fiber-reinforced silicon rubber can ensure the heater to be stable in dimension, without losing flexibility.

(1) Design according to actual shape and dimension, and ayour equipment.
(2) Moisture-proof chemical defense silicon rubber material makes the service life of heater much longer.
(3) It can be simply pasted or attached to your component by vulcanizing, adhesive or fastener, etc.

(1) Freezing and compression prevention for various instruments and devices.
(2) Medical equipment such as blood analyzer, test tube heater.
(3) Computer auxiliary equipment, such as laser printer.
(4) Vulcanized surface of plastic film.

Temperature VS. Time
This picture shows the surface temperature of a silicon rubber heater when the heater does no be insulated and be suspended in static air at a temperature of 20 DEG C. The data is obtained on the basis of taking a 1.4mm thick standard structure as reference. Note: It can be customized according to the required voltage, power and specifications of customers,
Specification; End surface plate is simply treated with moisture protection, and can not be used after putting in water or frosting place at a long time.

Technical Data
Rated Power
Lead Length
Rated voltage
Wire tension
15N× 15N
Maximum size
Minimum size
20mm× 20mm
Ambient Temperature
--60-----250° C
Highest temperature
250° C
Maximum thickness
Withstand voltage
Insulation resistance
≥ 5MΩ
Size deviation
± 0.5percent
Power deviation
± 5percent
Wire Type
Silicone braided wire