Silicone rubber heating plate

Silicon Rubber Hot Heater Pad
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1) Precise even heating
2) Temperature range of -60C to 220C continuously.
3)Min. Thickness 0.5mm.
4)Watt: Max. 1W/cm2.
Silicone rubber heating strip, silicone flexible heater, silicone heater mat, silicone heater pad from Xingtai.
Silicone rubber heater Features:
1) Precise even heating.
2) Temperature range of -60° C to 220° C continuously.
3) Easily bonded and/or mechanically mounted to heat sink.
4) Optional self adhesive backing (PSA) and available for thermal insulation backing.
5) Available with either etched foil or wire elements.
6) Minimum thickness of 0.5mm.
7) Voltage: From 2 to 600V with either AC or DC voltage sources.
8) Watt density: Max. 1W/cm²
1) Thermal developing in graphic imaging equipment;
2) Prevent condensation in motors or instrument cabinets;
3) Freeze or condensation prevention in housings containing electronic equipment,
For examples: Traffic signal boxes, automatic teller machines, temperature control
Panels, gas or liquid control valve housings
4) Composite bonding processes
5) Semiconductor process heating
6) Food service equipment
7) Airplane engine heaters and aerospace industry
8) Drums and other vessels and viscosity control and asphalt storage
9) Medical equipment such as blood analyzers, medical respirators, test tube heaters, etc.
10) Curing of plastic laminates
11) Computer peripherals such as laser printers, duplicating machines.