Mounting Options of silicone rubber heater

Flat surfaces
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Silicone Rubber Heaters Mounting Options 

Flat surfaces.

Remember, the better the heater contact with the surface, the longer the heater life.

Pressure Senstitive Adhesive

Pressure Sensitive Adhesive, also called PSA, is the simplest mounting method. Just peel the protective paper from the back of the heater and stick it to your surface. PSA is rated to a continuous temperature of 300°F and intermittent usage up to 400°F. PSA is only recommended for flat surfaces and should be used within 6 months of manufacture.

Field Applied Adhesive

Field applied adhesive is more difficult to apply than PSA, but if done properly produces a superior bond. Fullchance can supply a room temperature curing RTV rated to 400°F. After applying a thin film between the heater and the surface, a roller should used to remove all air bubbles, then allowed to cure for 24 hours.

Factory Vulcanizing

Factory Vulcanizing is the best method to bond the heater to your part. Send your part to Fullchance heater and we will vulcanize the heater directly to your part in our vacuum


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