Mounting Options of silicone rubber heater

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Cylinders of silicone rubber heater 

There are methods to mount a silicone rubber heater to a cylinder.

Remember, the better the heater contact with the surface, the longer the heater life.

Boot Hooks and Lace

Boot hooks and lace are the most common mechanical mounting method. Boot hooks are usually positioned 1.25”-2” apart along the length of the heater. The high temperature lace (1000°F) locks the heater in place similar to lacing a boot.


Springs and grommets are spaced about 2” apart. Each end of the spring is attached to a grommet securing it to the cylinder.

Snap Fasteners for Silicone Rubber Heaters

Snap fasteners are normally only used on heaters with sponge insulation.

High Temperature Rubber Rings

High temperature rubber rings are used in conjuction with grommets and maintain tension as the cylinder expands and contracts. They are rated to 300°F.

Velcro for Silicone Rubber Heaters

Velcro is a simple way to fasten heaters. It is rated to 200°F.

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