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Focused on the production of electric heating products
Contact us:0755-27749405
Contact us:0755-27749405

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Fullchance HeaterProvide you heating product solutions
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Strive to provide customers with diversified one-stop service solutions through continuous innovation and development

Featured corporate culture, strong technological research and development capabilities, strong mechanical processing capabilities, and a relatively complete after-sales service system in Southeast Asia, North America, Europe, and other regions Has earned us the trust of many famous enterprises both domestically and internationally。

Focusing on high-quality electric heating productsSuperior quality

Customized production,comprehensive after-sales service team CUSTOM PRODUCTION, STRONG STRENGTH

We have a stable, professional, and efficient team of intellectual property agents, with key personnel graduated from well-known universities in China, possessing first-class professional skills, rigorous work style, and rich agency experience It can ensure that every aspect of intellectual property agency work provides customers with the most professional, efficient, high-quality, and comprehensive services。

Multi directional service support More favorable prices for intermediate parts
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Committed to the promotion and service of electric heating film products in related fields

Fullchance Industrail Co.,Limited

Welcome Fullchance heater products fatory's new 5000 sq.'feng Industrial zone shenzhen manufacturing facility. After spending 13 years of our history in our xinwei 3rd industrial zone shenzhen facility, Fullchance rubber sheet rolls factory. is excited to announce that effective February 13th 2006 our offices and manufacturing facilities completed the transition and move to the new 5000 square foot manufacturing facility that Aero purchased. ....

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Committed to providing high-quality solutions for electric heating film products

We work solidly, forge ahead, and provide customers with comprehensive technical support and thoughtful services


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